Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Read so much about the hype caused when another one of Japan's nuclear reactor blew up, causing fear of radiation leakage to spread all the way here in Malaysia. Even dad texted me the same thing i read in most facebook statuses. But of course as a student of the sciences, one would point out how acid rains are formed. It's funny how learned people would go warn others of the impending cancer causing, radiation filled, burning acid rain would pour over the hapless citizens of the nearby countries around Japan. To make things simple, i'm going to borrow an excerpt from the so useful Wikipedia....

"The principal cause of acid rain is sulfur and nitrogen compounds from human sources, such as electricity generation, factories, and motor vehicles. Coal power plants are one of the most polluting. The gases can be carried hundreds of kilometers in the atmosphere before they are converted to acids and deposited. In the past, factories had short funnels to let out smoke but this caused many problems locally; thus, factories now have taller smoke funnels. However, dispersal from these taller stacks causes pollutants to be carried farther, causing widespread ecological damage. Also, livestock production plays a major role. It is responsible for almost two-thirds of all anthropogenic sources of ammonia produced through human activities, which contributes significantly to acid rain."

In short, it is a clear NO that the radiation caused by the exposure of the fuel rods at the Japanese nuclear reactor which blew up will NOT cause acid rain which will make your life miserable. So rejoice and pray instead to the Japanese citizens who are the ones suffering the real, direct radiation.

"Acid rain does not directly affect human health. The acid in the rainwater is too dilute to have direct adverse effects. However, the particulates responsible for acid rain (sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) do have an adverse effect. Increased amounts of fine particulate matter in the air do contribute to heart and lung problems including asthma and bronchitis."

Dear God, heal us all in mind, body and soul...

On a side note, i haven't been feeling too well since yesterday. Stomach was upset till today, had abdominal pains, constantly tired and sore arms. Seriously have no idea what's wrong since i'm taking so much naps to feel better but alas, to no avail. Sigh, hope things will get better soon. Signing off for now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Death by Hiatus

Spelling out what happened to this little space of mine in the vast net above, i'm compelled to write once more as life can really fill u to the brim especially with all sorts of nastiness. And though whatever i suffer from as a young adult cannot be compared to what the Japanese are facing right now due to the recent 8.9 quake, life isn't about who has the biggest problem but more about how the individuals' life goes on with it... no?

 Life is full of 'tsunamis', it just doesn't destroy houses, cars and properties. It just ruins lives one way or another in different 'magnitudes'.

Right, so i'm graduating in about 3 weeks but there is much to bear from the final of final exam papers to the elusive final year project thesis. A grand 3 course, eat-in only graduation meal to satisfy nothing else but the corporate world. Why are people working so hard for? One character says it all, $. Whoever who thinks money can't buy happiness probably has too much money to spend, or they live in a place where things are dirt cheap.

 Money not making u happy? U probably have too many of these that u don't notice...

One of the worst mistake a person can do in his/her life is to choose the wrong course to pursue for tertiary studies. Not only do u end up working on some of the things u'd hate, u get friends who couldn't ring with the same frequency as u do for your college life (which is supposed to be the best period of our lives?). Bummer much... And from all that downward spiral, hopefully there's still hope for the dreams and interests i had which didn't stand a chance due to FINANCIAL roadblocks. Capitalized as it carries so much meaning and dimmed so many possible futures. Reminds me of a lady who cried, pleaded and accused when the crew and Fly FM couldn't give her the chance to win a bundle of cash as she failed to do something.

Working would be certainly interesting for me at the very least considering how i don't have to go sit through classes in which everything seems like rocket science. It doesn't help having a dear professor who couldn't speak loud enough, or a lecturer holding a doctorate who is too ignorant to make sure the class doesn't start and end with him/her reading lecture slides only.

 Upcoming iPhone app. Check it out in your app store soon.

Relationships are such complicated issues, even when u scale it all down to just friends. U try to be the best there is and they can't be the same, or they think u're trying to buy their hearts over something. Or they prefer being all buddy buddy with their ol' housemates and shut the entire world from themselves. The worst would probably be those that come to u like a friendly dog wagging its tail and running with u wherever u go, and when things are so great, u share your heart's burden, it runs away. When politely u approach it again, it treats u like a stranger. Man, even animals aren't THAT heartless. Am so going get a dog who deserves such attention. Maybe some hamsters, fishes and plants too.

Beagles are awesome, period.

I'm contemplating whether to get people to read this blog of mine. So that i can get feedback, and perhaps share some views with the many intellectuals out there. But the lack of  attractive graphic content and happy words might seem to be deterrent. Perhaps when i really have readers do i start with the garnishing of the 'dish'? I hope the makeover for the layout of the blog is good enough to start things off...

That's about it for the first post in almost 2 years, do spam me with those comments itching to fill this space ya. Signing off~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hope & Perseverence

Deep under heaven,
where no sun may shine,
a light has brightnened the dark..
Believe it..

"My mind tells me to give up, but my heart won't let me."

(Source: DeviantArt)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanx for the Visits!

While idling around my blog, I noticed my ClustrMaps getting more and more red spots so decided to check it out... and to my surprise the number of visitors are amazing =D

Current Country Totals
From 23 Aug 2008 to 6 Mar 2009

Malaysia (MY)
955 <-------- Terima kasih!
United States (US)53 <----------- Thank you!
Singapore (SG)29 <------------------------ "
Australia (AU)19 <------------------------ "
United Kingdom (GB)14 <------------------------ "
New Zealand (NZ)12 <------------------------ "
Indonesia (ID)6 <------- Terima Kaseh!
Brazil (BR)4----------------------------
China (CN)4 <--------------- Xie Xie!
India (IN)2----------------------------
Russian Federation (RU)2 <--- благодарность!
Japan (JP)2 <-- Arigato Gozaimasu!
Italy (IT)2 <---------------- Grazie!
Puerto Rico (PR)1---------------------------
Mexico (MX)1---------------------------
France (FR)1 <--------------- Merci!
Germany (DE)1---------------------------
Pakistan (PK)1---------------------------
Slovenia (SI)1---------------------------
Asia/Pacific Region (AP)1---------------------------

Nice.. Very nice! (self motivation, lolz) I wonder who are the few minors like japanese and italians who visited, hm... Either way, another big thanks to all the visitors or readers! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Myu-jikaru Kokugen

Mamosuke and Hisano were a loving couple who have been together for a very long time. However their love was put to the test when Mamosuke and his family were pursued by loan sharks due to his father’s overdue debts. To protect Hisano and their love, Mamosuke told her that they both needed some time apart to think about their future. As he left her without any further explanation of his sudden decision, she had an emotional breakdown. Hisano’s love for him was so deep that her life almost depended on it.

Since his absence, her only consolation was the music box that Mamosuke gave her during their 8th anniversary as a couple, which played a tune soothing enough to help her go through life without him. Tragedy befell when Hisano got into an accident as a car ran into her one day when she was traveling back from class. In her critical condition, she requested her parents to automatically play the music box in her ward as she was too frail to move.

According to the doctor, Hisano couldn’t survive physically but was kept alive due to her will to live. As she rested almost motionless everyday on the hospital bed, the music box played everyday at two in the afternoon and consecutively every four hours. She wanted the timing to be so as Mamosuke used to call her during those times when they were still seeing each other.

Weeks and months passed, Hisano waited patiently but he never returned. Unfortunately, ‘Death’ took her away not long after that as her body failed to keep up with her determined soul. Mamosuke returned to an empty hospital bed in Hisano’s ward, a day after she passed away. His heart was shattered, as the love he tried to protect was taken away by fate. As he left the room, a familiar tune struck him. He checked the ceiling clock and it was 2 p.m. Then at the corner of the room, he found the remnant of their love which is not meant to be. It was his music box to her playing its last requiem.

Mamosuke found out from her parents about how Hisano waited for him everyday on her death bed while listening to the timed music box. Emotions hit him like a wave but he was too late. During her funeral, he left the cherished music box on her grave but never forgetting the sweet memories they shared.

(And the perfect tune for the musical box shall be...)

To Zanarkand... Enjoy~

...Special credit goes to Loreki for the draft storyline...